Take RAW images

Set you camera to take RAW. Most of the cameras allow saving the image in both RAW and JPEG formats simultaneously.
If you are used to take JPEG images RAW+JPEG is the best choice, as you always have a usual JPEG shot along with RAW.

Open RAW image in HDRAW application

Drag-n-drop RAW image to HDRAW application (or open the file within HDRAW app).

Drag-n-drop RAW image to HDRAW

A RAW image can be processed different ways resulting in various look of the final pictures. HDRAW offers you several presets so that you should be able to choose the one that best matches what you wish to get. Click on the thumbnail of your choice.

Choose the preview of tone mapping

Once you've chosen a preset, you see a larger size preview. The things were easy so far and now you can save or share the image immediately! Click 'Save' or 'Share', the HDRAW will calculate the full resolution image and either save it to the disk or send it.

Alternatively, you can adjust the tone mapping parameters.

Tone Mapping preview